Tools We Use at ProsperOnTheWeb

The web is constantly evolving, with techniques and best practices changing regularly. As soon as I learn one technology, I find out that there's something new replacing it. So what do we do when our websites are obsolete as soon as they're built, just like our brand-new car?

We use what we know to put our message out into the online world. We build our online presence and keep our content fresh and interesting. As long as your website is working, content is more important than the latest web technology. Then in my spare time, I'll study the new stuff, so the next project I do for you will be as good as it can be.

Email Marketing

Website Frameworks and Add-Ons

Coding Tools

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - photos and illustrations with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Topaz - photo enhancement tools for Photoshop

Web Hosting

  • Linode - dedicated virtual servers running UNIX for complete control over web hosting       
  • GoDaddy - domain names
  • Hostgator - easy & inexpensive web hosting
  • - free blog hosting and tools for WordPress

Social Media


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Instagram

Blogs & Commentary

Coding Help, Tutorials & Courses

  • W3Schools - Tutorials and reference documentation for the major web technologies
  • Tuts+ - (by subscription) - (by subscription)
  • Stack Exchange and its subsites, especially Stack Overflow - Ask your technical questions and the community will help
  • CodePen - Try out your webpage code with editors for HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Watch your edits display live.
  • KelbyOne - Tutorials and workshops in photography and all the Adobe tools
  • Coursera - University-developed courses, international and wide-ranging

Note: Links marked with an asterisk connect to affiliate programs that bring me some income that help me bring you more interesting content. Please don't hesitate to click. I use all the resources listed here.